0.6.0 - August 14th 2023

  • Reworked the profile edit pages and split them into multiple subpages.
    • This should improve performance on these pages, as well as make expanding them easier in the future.
    • The edit pages have been moved to /@{username}/edit and /@{username}/{member}/edit, respectively— /edit/profile and /edit/member/{id} now redirect to the new pages.
  • Added the ability to type in a timezone manually, in case the auto detection fails.
  • Fixed redirects not working if a member's name contained non-ASCII characters.
  • Made errors more descriptive.

0.5.8 - August 2nd 2023

  • Added an (optional) local time display to user profiles.
  • Increased the maximum number of pride flags to 500.
  • Added a badge to the profiles of admin users.
  • Added an indicator icon for unlisted members.
  • Fixed fediverse login for GoToSocial, glitch-cafe, Hometown, and Firefish.
  • Fixed other users' custom preferences showing up on the edit profile page sometimes.
  • Fixed the acknowledge warning button not working.

0.5.3 - June 3rd 2023

  • Added a link shortener at! There is now an additional button on all user and member pages to copy a shorter link. The IDs used here can be rerolled on the edit profile page.
  • Fixed the member list breaking if you have too many private members.

0.5.0 - May 29th 2023

  • Added pride flags! These will show up below avatars and are completely customizable: you can upload up to one hundred different flags and pick which ones will show up on which profiles.
  • . and .. are no longer valid member names, as these break member pages. Any other number of periods is still allowed.
  • Added Plausible analytics.
  • Added some extra info to the settings page.
  • Added API documentation.

0.4.2 - May 11th 2023

  • The report button will no longer show up for your own members.
  • Added a warning on the edit member page if your member list is hidden.
  • Fixed hidden members not showing up when viewing your own user page.
  • The site will now default to a dark theme while loading, to remove the white flash when using a dark theme. Sadly, it's one or the other, so light theme users will now see a dark flash when the site is loading— having asked multiple users, the general consensus is that a dark flash is better than a light flash.

0.4.1 - April 24th 2023

  • Added buttons to change the order of links on profiles.
  • Added a "copy link" button to user and member profiles.
  • Added a second set of page buttons below the member list.
  • Added a captcha when signing up to prevent spam bots.
  • Custom preferences with "treat as favourite" checked are now shown in the member list.
  • Changed how the member list is displayed: the site will now show between two and five members per row depending on screen size.
  • Fixed the save button sometimes not showing up when editing custom preferences.
  • Fixed custom preferences not showing up if they were added in the current editing session.

0.4.0 - April 20th 2023

  • Added custom preferences! These can be used instead of, or in addition to, the existing five preferences and can use any icon in Bootstrap Icons. Change them in your profile settings.
  • Added the ability to sign in with Tumblr and Google accounts, in addition to Discord and Mastodon.
  • Added this changelog.
  • Added a donation link to the footer, and a message on the settings page. Sadly, running a website like this costs money :(
  • The website will now correctly handle tokens expiring, so you don't get stuck in an infinite loop as soon as they expire anymore.
  • Fixed pronoun links, pronouns with special characters will link to the correct page now.